čtvrtek 17. ledna 2013


Another video finished, this time with another classic poetry, Henry van Dyke again. The poem is called Departure, so as well as the song. Recorded in January 2012. Photo taken from flickr.com again, under CC licence. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment, cheers!

středa 16. ledna 2013

A home song

New song, inspired by one of my favorite english writer/poet, Henry van Dyke. Recorded on 13.01.2013. Enjoy and visit https://soundcloud.com/d-a-project !

Have a nice day :-)


úterý 6. prosince 2011


Photos taken from www.flickr.com, sample sounds of ocean downloaded from www.freesound.org. Texel is the island in the northern Netherlands and I had an opportunity to visit it during summer 2011. It impressed me so deeply that I composed this song after I came back home. Enjoy and leave a comment plz :-)